Carpet protection and care

As part of our carpet protection services we use a stain repellent, soil retardant, non-toxic carpet protection formula to protect carpet from liquid spills and stains - A fluorocarbon, water based stain and soil retardant.

The specially created carpet protection formula that we use protects far beyond just dry soil and water stains, it also protects against oil based stains and spills too.

We use these carpet protection solutions to ensure that carpets remain better looking between cleanings. We always advise an application of carpet protection to rugs or carpets so that spills can be removed before they penetrate into fibres.

Such protectors do not eliminate professional carpet cleaning but gives your carpet a better, more beautiful appearance between cleanings.

The carpet protection formulas that we use ensure each fibre is coated for maximum protection. This way it is less likely to just lie down on the carpet like a protective plastic sheet but, instead gets down into the carpet for complete protection.

Through our experience we have noticed that this method of carpet protection leaves the carpet with a soft natural feel and our customers have commented on the luxurious quality that the carpet is left with.

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