Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our domestic cleaning processes consist of many modern and traditional methods that are tried, tested and trusted.

Below is a list of our carpet processes:-

  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-Spraying
  • Mechanical Agitation
  • Dwelling Time
  • Rinsing Agents
  • Turbo Drying

Carpet cleaning processes: Vacuuming

This Carpet Cleaning process is vital and should be undertaken on all carpets. I vacuum the total area that is to be cleaned. This carpet cleaning process is paramount for the removal of dry soil. Sometimes the client will inform me that they have already vacuumed but, sometimes when I remove heavier furniture I am usually meet with a covering of dust that’s taken months even years to build up.

Carpet cleaning processes: Pre-Spraying

Having carried out my professional survey and inspected the fibres of the carpet the correct carpet cleaning processes can then be selected. Pre-spray is a chemical substance which is applied by a high pressure sprayer which in turn breaks down the soiled particles in the carpets fibre.

Carpet cleaning processes: Mechanical Agitation

Once the pre-spray has been applied I use my mechanical agitator (this is a contra rotating twin brush machine.) This machine works the pre-spray throughout the carpet yarn but, also physically loosens the soil and lift the pile open.

Carpet cleaning processes: Dwelling Time

This is a process where the pre-spray is allowed to work. Depending on the degree of soiling this can range from 5-30 minutes.

Carpet cleaning processes: Rinsing Agent

This is the process where I use my Hot Water Extraction Machine (HWE). The rinsing agent is feed from my heater tank via a solution hose and feed onto the fibres of your carpet from my twin jet stainless steel wand. Once enough rinse agent has been applied to the carpet it is then extracted though the wand and into my waste tank leaving your carpet free from residual, deep cleaned and fresh.

Carpet cleaning processes: Turbo Drying

As we all know through the long summer days the environment plays a big part in the drying process of your carpet but, as the days draw in and its getting cold outside drying time is critical. This is where my turbo dryers are put into operation located in the best position to enhance the drying process.

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